About us

DO-WA Trailers

The current road transport industry is driven by higher productivity and profit margins. This sometimes means that quality and individuality are neglected.

However, one company maintains its well-deserved reputation for attention to detail and build quality; Welcome to DO-WA Trailers in Holland, the home of specialized material for the transportation branche.

DO-WA Trailers has been designing and building specialized transport equipment for the European heavy transport industry for over 20 years. We appeal to our reputation every day in the field of innovative solutions for tailor-made building of the best means of transport in Europe. We have the experience and expertise to meet almost every need in the heavy transport sector, from spare parts and construction, repairs and modifications to the production of street-ready belt unloaders, tippers and cover systems.

DO-WA Trailers has developed two styles and multiple configurations in belt unloaders in standard steel or as an option in aluminum or even lightweight plastic.